Geisha Rose and Honey bath soap ( 225g)

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Geisha Rose and Honey bath soap

Geisha bath soap soothing Rose and Honey contains Rosemary  and Honey.Herbs are important in the prevention and treatment of ailments and skin diseases thus contributing to healthy and rejuvenated skin. Honey is an anti inflammatory ingredient that soothes, calms and moisturizes the skin. Geisha soap, comes with a fresh and mild fragrance that nourishes the skin and make bathing and washing experience refreshing. The soap is formulated with honey and natural extracts that makes it melt less and last longer and comes with appealing pack design.

Geisha soaps are made through intensive research and care to deliver expertly refined soaps. The new soaps are enriched with natural ingredients, aromatic oils and fragrances to make your bath time more than just a cleaning experience. Geisha soaps are rich and creamy, lather well and ideal for your whole family.

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